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YouTube AdBlocker For Chrome to Stop All Kinds of Ads

YouTube AdBlocker helps you get rid of all YouTube ads, including skippable, non-skippable, overlay ads, and bumper ads. Enjoy video streaming on YouTube without being bothered by annoying ads.

What Our Users Says On YouTube Adblocker

"It works really great and perfect no more annoying ads popping up in a middle of the video nor at the beginning of the video just instantly skipped and gone great extension "
Laurence The Gamer
Jul 02,2022
"Other adblockers might work better, but for me this works well enough at a FRACTION of the size. With this extension, ads are visible for a fraction of a second before they are hidden, but 15 Kb compared to hundreds of Kb or over 1 Mb for other yt blockers "
John Weiss
Jun 20,2022
It's working pretty okay for me. You see the first frame of some ads but they instantly get skipped and all non video ads get blocked too. But there is a problem, when it blocks an ad before the video i can no longer see any related videos!
Halimaw Grappler
Jun 19,2022

YouTube AdBlocker Chrome Extension
Key Features

AdBlock for YouTube is a very useful time-saver extension which enhances your video streaming experience on YT by blocking ads. Here are some of the main features of YT AdBlocker.

Block YouTube Ads On all the Videos

No matter which video you are streaming, it is capable of blocking ads on millions of videos available on YouTube.

Eliminates All Types of YouTube ads

The YouTube Adblocker is an all-rounder performer because it stops all YouTube ads from appearing on your screen, be they skippable, non-skippable, bumper or overlay ads.

More Than a YouTube Ad Blocker

YT ads not only spoil your video streaming experience but also slow down page loading time. That is why this extension saves your precious time by not only blocking ads but also increasing page load time in Chrome.

How To Use YouTube Adblock Extension?

Download the AdBlocker YouTube extension from the download button below, or it can also be installed from the Chrome web store.

Visit YouTube website & play any video.

Now all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your favorite YouTube videos without any distractions or annoying ads.

YouTube AdBlocker Chrome

Frequently Asked Question's On YT AdBlocker

YT AdBlocker for Chrome enables users to automatically skip ads on YT and prevents all types of ads. This saves users a lot of time.

Yes Of Course.  YT AdBlock for Chrome can block all types of ads including skippable, pop-up & non-skippable ads.  

AdBlock for YouTube is a very safe & reliable extension to use. 

Install the YT ad blocker & enjoy favorite videos without any ads.  

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